About Us

We are one of Victoria’s most successful fishing clubs. With over 150 active members, the club aims to promote the enjoyment of participating in recreational and sport fishing to people of all ages and abilities.

An Overview of the Club

  • Established in 1978
  • Located at Francis Street East Brighton Victoria
  • Membership – 50 juniors, and over 150 seniors
  • The Club fishes all major fishing competitions, As can be seen in some of the pictures and statistics enclosed. Each member pays for his or her team shirt. Each major Sponsor is represented on the team shirt.
  • We are a very family orientated club looking towards the future
  • The focus of the Club is to develop junior anglers and assist those disadvantaged groups who want to try fishing
  • BCAC also has 30 plus members who have membership at Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron. This represents over 5% of its membership base. Those members are the most competitive and successful anglers in both Clubs taking out numerous competitions each year.
  • In 2000 the Club formed “The Ultimate Angling Team”. This Team was fully sponsored by Ultimate Barbeques. The team fished all major competitions.

How We Started

The Brighton Central Angling Club (BCAC) started operating on 20th April 1977. Our meetings were held at the Central Hotel in Church Street Brighton and the BCAC first report was season 20th April 1977 through to 30th June 1978. BCAC unfortunately ceased operating on 12th December 1979 with members continuing to patronise the hotel. The dart club continued to compete with most players being BCAC members.
Several dart club players with boats continued fishing and on 5th June 1981 BCAC started operating again with the influence of new hotel manager Peter Gorman. The re-forming of the club with 26 members and the annual report 1981/ 82 showing a profit of $1,461 was the second start of the BCAC which continues to this day.

New Affiliation

In 1983 the club affiliated with Australian Angler Association (AAA) and Victoria Piscatorial Council (VPC). By 1984 the club moved patronage to the Marine Hotel in New Street Brighton, with the public bar hosting regular meetings, displaying fish and official club notices. The club held regular competitions and competed against other angling clubs such as Nicholson, Knox, Horsham, Sandringham, Cobram, Dunlop Bayswater, St Kilda Boat Owners, Black Rock Rampers, Mentone RSL and Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron. The club continues to compete against various clubs to this day.

In 1986 the BCAC became incorporated and started to increase membership, compete in more competitions and hold a variety of club social functions. The introduction of individual membership cards gave members the opportunity to plan and book activities in advance. By 1988 club membership had broadened significantly (74) beyond hotel patrons which allowed the club to purchase its first major asset n 1988 – a caravan at Nicholson River Caravan Park.

Increased Memberships

In 1990 the club leased our own clubrooms at Dendy Park from Bayside Council during the winter months. In the summer months the clubrooms were shared with Brighton Central Cricket Club. Sponsors were secured for all official events, fish capture records were displayed, mounted record fish captures, bag limits, and became heavily involved in the snapper-bay fighting fund.

Memberships steadily increased to 1991 (119) and darts were introduced in the clubrooms, competing in the Eastern Darts League. Rising costs and low usage saw the club sell its caravan.

As the 1990’s passed on, membership of the club continued to steadily increase, with family fishing and social events. Club finances were healthy. The club introduced Life Membership, published new letters, displayed shields for category winners and sought partnerships with other angling clubs and sporting clubs. Our own dedicated clubrooms (1996) saw the club developing with enormous potential. The Francis Street Brighton Clubrooms were refurbish from a scout hall and made a licensed club. The hard work from members has made it what it is today – a proud home for the club.

The Journey Continues

Over the years many events have been and continue to be held at the club. Wednesday evenings being a key get together for members. Throughout the 2000’s the club had strong membership and attendance for both fishing and social events as well as increased involvement in local community events. The Big Red competition has grown significantly in the number of entrants and the size of prize pool. Although club memberships have fluctuated in recent years the BCAC has expended the variety of committee positions and continue to operate from a strong financial position for its members. In season 2019/2020, like many other sporting clubs, the impact of COVID-19 saw an abbreviated season.

Want to find out more?

We welcome all anglers from beginners to professional to join us. Apply for a membership today.