Life Members

Life Membership may be awarded to a member who in the opinion of the committee has made an outstanding contribution overall to Brighton Central Angling Club, and who is loyal, dedicated and committed to the principles and objectives of the club.

A Candidate for life membership is a person of the highest calibre, a tireless and devoted worker and a respected clubman who, through his relationship with the committee and members is a person who promotes and develops a strong spirit among all members.

A candidate for life membership shall have a minimum of 10 years service as a committee member or twenty years continuous service as a general member.

Nominations for life membership can only be made to the committee and subject to a unanimous vote by all members of that committee.

Any decision to grant life membership will be made by the committee with not more than one dissenting vote.

The conferring of life membership may only occur at the annual general meeting A life member shall be recognised as being on the committee for life with full voting rights.

Life Members

  • Rod Finn
  • Peter Cornish
  • Ron Webb
  • Daniel Mountt
  • Peter Gorman
  • Gary Cornish
  • Kevin Morris
  • John Sciacchitano
  • Joe Natoli
  • John Webb
  • Colin Peake
  • Shane Finn
  • G. Charalambbides